Fresh Vs. Frozen

The term "fresh" is highly deceptive and is not necessarily a good thing. "Fresh" means the beef is not aged. However, the finest cuts of beef always need to be aged. Quite simply, aging is the process which makes meat tender and more flavorful. But, once you age meat it is no longer "fresh". Furthermore, so called "fresh" selections can actually be inferior to professionally flash frozen products. Here's why: if not used within 48 hours of purchase (that includes your local grocery store), cuts that have never been frozen will begin to purge their natural juices, resulting in a less desirable product.

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Tips for Cooking

Frozen Steaks


Heat skillet filled 1/8 inch deep with oil
Sear until browned (90 seconds per side)
Transfer to wire rack set in rimmed baking sheet
cook in 275-degree oven until desired doneness
18 to 20 minutes for 1-inch-thick steak

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